Do Weight Loss Pills Work For Real – A Review of the Best Products in the Market

The idea of rapid weight loss by just popping a pill is an enticing one. But how real is it? Are there pills that can promote weight loss especially under very short periods of time? If so, what are the side effects that one should be familiar with? Understanding weight loss pills Weight loss pills will rarely promote weight loss on their own. In fact, they are always prescribed alongside training exercises and diet plans. The main problem with dieters is usually related to misplaced judgements. For example, a dieter may set a goal to lose more than 20 pounds in just a week. Even if that was to happen, rapid weight regain would be experienced just as fast. Let’s briefly go through some of the weight loss pills plans available today.

  • Prescription pills – This type of pills are usually prescribed for obese individuals. In most cases, duration of one year is used to determine the success of the attained results. Prescription pills do work in most cases, but this can be linked to the fact that results are kept track of by a professional.
  • Over the counter pills – These are perhaps the most sold and used weight loss pills. A good example is orlistat. The problem with OTC weight loss pills is that complete information on ingredients and side effects may not be available. This makes them unfit for individuals with complicated health issues. All the same, some reviews and testimonials do affirm of their effectiveness.
  • Dietary supplements – This is the last category of weight loss pills available in the market. Unlike pills, supplements usually contain a couple of products known to entertain weight loss. Dietary supplements are the best option for long term weight loss effects.

How long do weight loss pills take to work

There is no miraculous weight loss to be expected from weight loss pills. In fact, you are advised to refrain from pills promising rapidDo Weight Loss Pills Work For Real – A Review of the Best Products in the Market weight loss results. An average of one or two pounds of weight lost in a period of about 7 days is satisfactory enough. Since quicker weight loss results are bound to be noticed in the first weeks, a 10% weight loss in a period of 12 months should be satisfying.

Who can take weight loss pills?

In any case that the excess weight gain is resulting from a medical condition, you are advised to stay away from any form of weight loss pills without consulting a doctor. Otherwise, the much it needs is that you find out more on healthy concerns associated with a certain weight loss pill.